Giardia ag detection


    Elküld Leírás Antigen cassette test is used as a diagnostic tool to detect giardia Lamblia antigen in stool.

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    One step, quick test to determine Giardia Lamblia Ag in stool. Giardia Lamblia Ag Rapid Test cassette contains a membrane Strip which employs red gold conjugated monoclonal antibodies against Giardia Lamblia Antigens, Test is based on the immunochromatographic principle. The test device has a sample hole made of the material enabling the reagent to proceed.

    giardia ag detection

    The membrane that constitutes the test device has been formed ultimately once the Giardia Lamblia Ag are passed through the test band space as well as the monoclonal antibodies specific to Giardia Lamblia Ag passed through the front cover.

    Giardia Lamblia antibody takes part in the section of membrane contenting the golden resultant.

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    In case the Giardia Lamblia Antigens are present in the patients stool, it giardia ag detection in the solution included in the sampling bottle then proceeds by using the mixture form of chromatographically antigen- antibody-antigen golden particles towards test space T in order to form a visible line. Thus, a visible line appearance in the T space confirms the positive result in the detection of Giardia Lamblia antigen Otherwise, this visible line shall not appear.

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    Unless this visible line is seen in T space, the result is negative. However, there is a color line everytime in the control space C.

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    This control line is a procedural indicator. Giardia ag detection confirms that the sufficient sample solution is dropped, the sample expands in the test properly and reagent is under control.

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